Timber Fencing Brisbane

Timber FenceNorthern Suburbs Fencing is your trusted source for consultation and installation of timber fencing in Brisbane. Timber fencing is timeless and beautiful, not to mention versatile. It can fulfill the role of traditionalism and be a sentry that blends in well with natural surroundings, but then can turn around and be a sleek, elegant complement to your most modern design. Wood is also wonderful in its malleability, easily allowing for on-the-fly customization to your unique property attributes.

With Northern Suburbs Fencing providing you with expert installation and guidance, you’ll find your new timber fence to be reliable, durable, and requiring little maintenance. Modern treated timber is structurally stalwart and trustworthy. You’ve likely noticed the older Federation houses, and perhaps you’ve notice the clearly antiquated, but clearly sturdy fences. And these were the fences from before treated lumber! Your modern timber fence will provide you value and remain an aesthetic joy for decades beyond installation. These fences are termite proof and require almost no maintenance.

Timber fences make for an exceptionally good value, particularly when you consider that they can last you for decades. They make for excellent insulators and screens from wind, summer heat, and glare. Your new timber fence will provide you with the privacy of a screen between your home and the outside world while also providing a beautiful, natural backdrop to your family’s activities. These durable fences will provide you security of mind knowing that pets and children stay within the boundaries and that intruders stay out.

So, if you’re looking for timber fencing in Brisbane, let Northern Suburbs Fencing provide you with their unmatched customer service and a free, no-obligation quote on a timber fence. With more than 20 years of experience, you can be assured that your fence will be securely and beautifully constructed. Contact Northern Suburbs Fencing today!