Help With Navigating Fencing Issues With Neighbours

Angry NeighborsOne of the most common questions we receive is that of navigating the fencing issues between neighbours. A fence is more than a definitive boundary on your property, it is also a statement piece for the overall look and feel of your property, and as such, your neighbours also. A fence maintains privacy, contains the smallest members of your family and adds to the security of your most treasured belongings.

When it comes to replacing a fence, it is therefore beneficial to have a friendly rapport with your neighbours, especially as boundary fences are a joint responsibility. The key to negotiating a new fence with your common neighbours is communication, an understanding and appreciation for the fencing regulations and a great fence builder (that’s where we come in!)

There are council guidelines in place to help keep our neighbourhoods harmonious and to avoid potential disputes to keep relationships with your neighbours friendly. As boundary fences can become contentious, particularly if no agreement can be reached on the style of the fencing desired, an understanding approach with your neighbours is the best.

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