Four Simple Questions That You Should Ask Your Fencing Contractor

Navigating the roller coaster that is home improvement can be tricky at its best. The stress of contractors, time delays, the uncertainty of wondering if you’ve chosen the right company to fulfil your needs and juggling the different decisions is enough to drive anyone to distraction. Fencing and entry gates are one of the most important elements to any house. Before people see the Rembrandt in the living room, they will notice the rotting timber palings falling off your front gate. The importance of functionality and beauty cannot be underrated.

We hear (almost on a daily basis!) the pitfalls and concerns that occur with all the above-mentioned dilemmas. So, to help you navigate just one portion of, most likely, your biggest single investment. We have come up with 4 simple questions that you should ask your fencing contractor.

One – How long have you been in business for?
A company who has an extensive business history and who can show years of experience will be more willing and able to help you navigate some of the challenges that fencing your property will show. Unfortunately, there are many ‘one man bands’ in our industry that can offer a cheap rate… but lack the experience to make your investment last. We like driving past our jobs well down the track and showing them to our children saying “ We built that fence!”.

Two – Are you fully insured and licenced?
Again, all reputable companies take pride in being licenced and insured. We value our team of workers and all have to maintain competencies plus regular performance reviews in order for them to work for our company. It is for our safety, and also for yours. Unfortunately again, you do not have to be licenced in order to carry out fencing projects (under $3,300) and we have been called out to many jobs that have literally fallen over due to lack of competency

Three- Can I see some examples of your work?
Examples of quality workmanship and excellence in installation is something that every reputable company should be proud of. Check out their online gallery, ask to see local jobs they’ve completed. Come down and talk to any one of our sales staff and you can see the quality of the products we use here at Northern suburbs Fencing.

Four – Do you provide a warranty or guarantee on your products?
Whenever a company offers a warranty, it is a strong indication of a quality product and service. All reputable fencing and gate contractors will offer a warranty on both materials used and installation completed. Northern Suburbs Fencing offers a standard 12 month installation guarantee plus additional warranties on all materials used.
Basically if we wouldn’t have it on our yard, we won’t put it in yours.
We hope this helps you. If you have any queries or questions or if you need some advice, please give us a call. We are a local company, employing local families and supporting other local businesses.