Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long will it take to complete the job?

A: Most installations occur over a two day period. Our team will arrive on site on the first day, demolish and remove any existing fence, if requested, check measurements and install posts. This is done to allow the maximum curing time for the concrete at the base of each post. The next day, our team will install palings/colourbond sheets/tubular panels, hang any gates as necessary and clean up the site.

We understand that often times there are pets that need to be contained or children in the vicinity and we aim to complete your fence in as minimum time frame as possible. However, we cannot control the weather and/or unforeseen hold ups with other suppliers and sometimes plans have to be adjusted. If this occurs, you will have as much notice as is possible, and we simply reschedule to the next available time frame.

For custom fencing products, this time frame does not apply as each piece needs to be manufactured to individual requirements.

Q: Who notifies our neighbours?

A: At all times we encourage communication between neighbouring properties. Northern Suburbs Fencing deals with the client that has commissioned us to complete the fencing project and it is up to the client to consult with the neighbours as to the design, layout and cost breakdown of boundary fence lines. For more information please see

We are more than available to assist you in this area if needed.

Q: What are some tips on navigating fencing issues between me and my neighbours?

A: One of the most common questions we receive is that of navigating the fencing issues between neighbours. A fence is more than a definitive boundary on your property, it is also a statement piece for the overall look and feel of your property, and as such, your neighbours also. A fence maintains privacy, contains the smallest members of your family and adds to the security of your most treasured belongings.When it comes to replacing a fence, it is therefore beneficial to have a friendly rapport with your neighbours, especially as boundary fences are a joint responsibility. The key to negotiating a new fence with your common neighbours is communication, an understanding and appreciation for the fencing regulations and a great fence builder (that’s where we come in!)There are council guidelines in place to help keep our neighbourhoods harmonious and to avoid potential disputes to keep relationships with your neighbours friendly. As boundary fences can become contentious, particularly if no agreement can be reached on the style of the fencing desired, an understanding approach with your neighbours is the best.

Council guidelines stipulate that the cost to build or to mend a ‘sufficient’ fence – one that meets council guidelines – should be split 50/50 unless one neighbour would like to install a fence that is more expensive. This is where things can get a bit harder to navigate, particularly if you don’t know your neighbours well, or the budget constraints differ or simply that one neighbour prefers to mend a fence rather than to replace it.

Our suggestion is to initiate a casual conversation in regards to the fencing issues at hand and to get an idea on where your neighbour stands – you may be pleasantly surprised! Our sales team can provide you with a wide variety of personalised solutions but to give you some options for this early conversation, please take the time to view our website.

Here is a list of tips to navigate the process of negotiating a boundary fence:

  1. Start by initialising a conversation with your neighbours about the condition of the fence and the issues that are being caused rather than simply presenting them with a quote.
  2. Research the different fencing options – start by keeping an eye out in your neighbourhood. There are many different styles, colours and options in each material, so be mindful of this. You may like the style or the produce, but not the colour… This is where Northern Suburbs Fencing can help you our by offering their style of personalised fencing solutions.
  3. Organise a quote – Make sure that your quotes are comparable in measurement and quality of materials. Ensure your fence builder has experience, insurance, is a licensed and reputable installer and has a clear quote/contract process.
  4. Agree upfront with your neighbour on the fence details and PUT THEM IN WRITING… This should includes quotes, agreed contractor, materials, colour, height and which neighbour will be responsible for liaising with the contractor.
  5. Know your property’s official boundary line. If this is causing a dispute, land title documents can be sourced from your local council and surveyor costs considered.
  6. There are legal avenues that can be taken to settle a fencing dispute, but this should only be a last resort as it is costly, time consuming and by no means, guaranteed to give you your desirable outcome.
  7. More more information and correct legal guidelines please consult

Q: What Products Do We Use?

A: Northern Suburbs Fencing use a minimum grade 100×75 CCA Treated H4 rated hardwood post. This is the better rated product on the market and is designed to be in constant contact with moisture, resist fungal growth and resist termites. We use pine palings and rails as standard for structural uniformity. Concrete is always domed around the base to prevent water pooling and footings are installed to a minimum depth of 600mm to provide absolute stability.We use premium grade Colourbond products which all come with a 10yr guarantee. There are different style choices and gate designs available in a wide range of standard colours. Slat and lattice infills are available to customise your look.

Our tubular aluminium pool fencing is manufactured form the highest tensile strength aluminium and wall thickness tubing that is available to meet current current Australian standards AS1926.1 for swimming pool fence compliance. Our tubular products come with a certificate of manufacture that complies with the current Australian standard for pool fencing compliance. It come in a wide range of styles, designs and colours suitable for an even wider range of applications.

And our glass is available in two types – Semiframeless 10mm toughened grade A safety glass with polished edges all around.. Gates are 8mm thick due to hinge loading capacity. Post sizes are normally 50mm square, come in a range of colours and are installed so that the post top is aligned with glass top edge.
Frameless Glass – is 12mm thick toughened Grade A safety glass installed with 2205 grade polished stainless steel spigots with cover plates if required. Gates can either be 8mm or 12mm thick depending on the hinge style chosen by client. All glass comes with certification that it meets the current Australian standard.

We never use sub quality products or fencing accessories and if there is a problem, we will remedy as timely as possible.

Q: What Guarantees Do We Give?

A: Normal QBCC warranty on workmanship (12months) and material warranties by suppliers. However, we at Northern Suburbs Fencing will guarantee your satisfaction plus pool compliance inspection and if there are any concerns or issues, we encourage you to make contact with us so we can remedy.

Q: How Do I Open My Automated Gate If I Lose Power?

A: Any automation system installed by Northern Suburbs Fencing will have a manual override capability installed. This can be activated at any time including loss of power, or battery failure.

Q: Do I Have To Do Automation At The Same Time Of Construction?

A: No. All gates can be automated at a later time if designed and allowed for at the time of construction and installation. WE can give you options on automation including Solar panels and pin pad entries. One of our friendly sales team can talk you through any questions or requirements you may have in this area.

Q: How Do I Keep My Glass Fence Clean?

A: Like any glass product, a simple wash regularly with fresh water with bring it up to pristine clarity. Rinsing off any splash marks as a matter of maintenance is all you need to have a beautiful clear view of your pool. Spot marks can be removed with any commercially available window cleaning treatment and a chamois