Will Your Pool Be Compliant When Summer Comes?

Tubular Aluminium Pool FencingIn these colder days and early nights, its easy to forget that Summer lies just around the corner. Long lazy days of relaxing by the pool or cooling off after a long day are fast approaching. Before you invite the neighbors around for a pool party, it is important to understand that QLD legislation will begin to be enforced by November 2015.

Pool safety laws are necessary to keep young children safe and save lives. There is now one pool safety standard in QLD designed to increase pool safety and simplify pool safety laws which previously included 11 different safety standards.

For your information please review the document below to ensure that you and your family are safe this summer and also will not be spending large sums on a fine. If you have any concerns, give us a call and we are happy to help in any way we can.

Pool Safety Compliance Information

Why Winter Is The Ideal Time For A New Fence

Modular FencingFences are an increasingly important landscaping element that can make a dramatic difference to the overall look of a home’s backyard, patio or pool area. As our tastes in the exterior aesthetics of a home become more important, with homeowners seeking to create an outdoor oasis and improve a property’s street appeal, a new fence has become a greater priority. However, maintaining or replacing the boundary fence is often overlooked during winter when outdoor activities are less of a priority – although winter is the perfect time for a new fencing project.
As the cooler weather sees many people retreat indoors, undertaking major backyard projects, like a new fence, will see them completed and ready in time for spring. In addition to making sure the home is looking its best ahead of the outdoor entertaining season, there are also other benefits that a homeowner may not have considered.

Following are two compelling reasons to consider a fencing project in winter:

  1. Protect the garden while plants are dormant: Many species of trees and shrubs are dormant in winter, making them more resilient to disruptions while positioning the fence. With limited foliage, the fence will also be more visible and accessible for both removal and installation. If protecting backyard landscaping elements is important, replacing the boundary fence during winter makes perfect sense.
  2. Tradespeople maybe more readily available during the low seasonal period: Fencing contractors can be heavily booked in the peak summer months, particularly in the lead up to Christmas when there is a rush of people looking to get their fence ready before the festive season.

SlimWall™ by Modular Wall System™ is a stunning modular fencing solution designed for fast and easy installation by either a DIY enthusiast or professional installer. The sleek SlimWall™ composite fencing system not only looks fantastic, but can also help to minimise installation disruption. Once the posts have been installed, the panels simply slide into place.

A new fence can be one of the best investments one can make to their home and there is no reason to wait for the weather to warm up. For a stylish, durable and maintenance free fencing solution, contact Northern Suburbs Fencing on 07 5498 5290.

Northern Suburbs Fencing Is At Farm Fantastic Expo

FarmfantasticThe office of Northern Suburbs Fencing will be closed today as we are at Caboolture Showgrounds for the Farm Fantastic Expo.

There’s so much to see and do at Farm Fantastic this year your whole family will have to plan their three days carefully to pack it all in.  Not only has it got everything you could want including a mixture of campers, caravans and machinery but also exciting options for foodies, fashionistas and the little ones.
Come up and say hello to us at stall 44 and see our new range of solar farm gate automation, our custom sliding gates and the innovative range of laser cut panels that can be used to personalise your fence.

Also have a chat to anyone of our friendly team in regards to the new pool fencing legislation that is coming into effect in November.

Make sure your pool is compliant and ready for those first balmy days of summer.
See you there.


Help With Navigating Fencing Issues With Neighbours

Angry NeighborsOne of the most common questions we receive is that of navigating the fencing issues between neighbours. A fence is more than a definitive boundary on your property, it is also a statement piece for the overall look and feel of your property, and as such, your neighbours also. A fence maintains privacy, contains the smallest members of your family and adds to the security of your most treasured belongings.

When it comes to replacing a fence, it is therefore beneficial to have a friendly rapport with your neighbours, especially as boundary fences are a joint responsibility. The key to negotiating a new fence with your common neighbours is communication, an understanding and appreciation for the fencing regulations and a great fence builder (that’s where we come in!)

There are council guidelines in place to help keep our neighbourhoods harmonious and to avoid potential disputes to keep relationships with your neighbours friendly. As boundary fences can become contentious, particularly if no agreement can be reached on the style of the fencing desired, an understanding approach with your neighbours is the best.

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